Sustainability and flowers in the same breath! A thousand roses' vision is to provide everyone with beautiful and unique flower bouquets in a green and sustainable way.


Classic and fresh flower bouquets generate particularly high CO2 emissions because they are usually grown in greenhouses using pesticides. In addition, it is common for the flowers to be grown in countries such as Kenya and transported over long distances to Europe. Thousand Roses preserves the environment by growing our flowers outdoors in fields.

A Thousand Roses is committed to Science-Based Targets (SBTi) and strives to meet the goals of the Paris Agreement, including reducing CO2 emissions and limiting temperature increase to no more than 1.5 degrees.


The production process also integrates solar cells and an irrigation system that mainly uses rainwater. In this way, we avoid the emissions of fuel that otherwise occur during the transport of flowers to Sweden.

When you choose to buy environmentally friendly flowers from Tusen rosor, the climate footprint is significantly reduced. In fact, you reduce CO2 emissions by 99% over a period of 6 months compared to if you were to buy a new fresh bouquet every week. In other words, you save as much CO2 as a bus trip between Malmö and Lisbon, round trip. Amazing, isn't it?


The flowers' journey within the EU begins outdoors under the open sky, completely without the use of pesticides or other environmentally harmful substances. At a carefully chosen time, the flowers are harvested and then placed in water. The water is mixed with a special, biodegradable nectar based on plants, which does not contain any harmful or chemical substances. In this way, the biological aging process of the flowers is stopped, and their freshness is preserved. The flower show lasts at least 8 months.

Tusen Rosor has a short production chain with quality control at every step. A high quality means you can enjoy your bouquet more, and hopefully you can keep it for a longer time too. At our flower arrangement in Malmö, our florists spend a lot of time ensuring that every flower and leaf meets our strict requirements. The bouquets are carefully packaged in tissue paper and then delivered to you in a beautiful cardboard box.

Sustainable design solutions

The distinctive flower bouquets are available in different designs and colors. Each bouquet is carefully designed with the season's color palette in mind and combined to create a fresh and innovative feel for the coming season. Our designer has considered the bouquet's longevity during the design process itself to ensure that you can look forward to having it in your home for at least 8 months.

In the design process, we strive to preserve the natural colors of some flowers while others get organic colors in a gentle and environmentally friendly way. This method means that our durable bouquets make a beautiful impression in your home without appearing artificial. Below we have compiled some tips to help you keep the freshness of your Thousand Roses bouquet for as long as possible.

The life cycle of the flower: From nature and back again

When you no longer want to keep your bouquet, there are many different ways to reuse it, which minimizes unnecessary waste. A creative option is to use DIY methods to upcycle the bouquet and give it new life by creating a new shape.

If the bouquet is still fresh and beautiful, another option is to give it as a gift to someone you care about. When the life of the bouquet is over, you can easily compost it or leave it as plant waste at your local recycling station. Since Tusen Rosor's bouquet is completely natural, it breaks down in the same way as other biodegradable products. In this way, we avoid negatively affecting our beautiful and fragile world.

The UN's 17 global sustainability goals

At Tusen Rosor, we have the future in mind and work actively to support three of the UN's 17 global goals. You can find out more about our commitment to these goals here.

By switching from conventional flower bouquets with a short lifespan to bouquets from Tusen Rosor, you can reduce your consumption and thereby contribute to a more responsible and sustainable production. The long shelf life reduces waste, and together we create good habits.

Tusen Rosor contributes to the climate by avoiding air transport. Our bouquets are a sustainable alternative to flowers grown in heated greenhouses with high energy consumption. Our goal is to reduce the emissions of greenhouse gases and thereby limit the climate impact.

We protect all ecosystems. Tusen Rosor flowers are therefore grown outdoors in Europe without the use of pesticides or other environmentally hazardous substances. The flowers have been hand-picked and their freshness preserved through the use of a biodegradable nectar. Finally, they are tied into beautiful bouquets in Sweden.