What are Eternal Roses?

100% Natural Roses

Eternal roses are 100% natural roses that have undergone a conservation process to preserve their beauty and freshness that do not need water or sunlight.

Our process involves great care and perfection

From cultivation

The roses are harvested at the optimal moment of natural beauty from one of our 180,000 m2 fields. The freshly harvested rose goes through a proprietary process to absorb a specific blend of 100% plant-based and degradable preservative formula.

The treatment process

The preservative liquid replaces the sap and water inside the rose and effectively creates a still image of nature, creating a unique and 100% natural product. The preserved roses remain beautiful and unchanged for years without water, bright while being almost maintenance free.

Our effort + technology

The basic method of preserving roses and plants has been around for many years, but was first patented as an industrial process by Tusen rosor over 4 years ago. Through the dedicated work of the Tusen rosor team, the technology has been optimized so that today we can be part of your special moment when you give a gift.

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vad är evighetsrosor?

Care and proper use of preserved roses

Resistant and durable

Tusen rosor - preserved roses are extremely durable and long-lived. With proper care, you can enjoy your perennial roses for months or even years. Tusen rosor - everlasting roses require neither pruning nor watering.

They just need to

Avoid prolonged exposure to direct sunlight. The only maintenance the product requires is that you occasionally remove dust, preferably with an air spray, air blower or alternatively by wiping with a soft cloth.

Benefits of treated roses

Maintenance free

Long-lasting and maintenance-free. The preservation process means that the roses do not need water or light and retain their original beauty and fresh appearance for months or even years.

Original beauty

All preserved products from Tusen rosor are real, natural roses that have been treated with a plant-based and degradable preservative liquid. No toxic substances are used.

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What characteristics do Tusen rosor’s natural preserved roses not have?

They are not artificial

Although the product undergoes a transformation process that stabilizes the natural plant, our process does not use any components commonly found in artificial flowers, such as plastic or synthetic fabrics.

Our products do not grow

To ensure that the plant retains its perfect moment and maintains the appearance of a living plant, the preservation process stops all biological processes that promote the aging of the plant.

Our products are not freeze-dried or dehydrated

None of Tusen Rosor's products use freeze-drying techniques for their preservation. Freeze drying destroys properties of the product that are important for it to have a fresh appearance.

They are not poisonous

All our products can be touched by pets and people. They do not pose a health risk.