Red Eternal Roses | Square box Premium


Tusen rosor® LASTS FOR ONE YEAR +
Is this a gift?
Tusen rosor® presents its Square collection to realize that we are all unique and deserve a little taste of luxury in our everyday lives. 
Our Square Collection gets a whole new look in this unique black box filled with red roses. 
This gorgeous arrangement of naturally preserved, everlasting roses showcases modern geometry for modern beauty. Our square drawers are also a men's favorite and sit perfectly anywhere, like your desk or chest of drawers for a little extra pop.
Rose box size: 31 cm
Number of roses: 55-65
How do they stay fresh for so long?

What does the treatment process look like?

Have you ever wished you could save the roses from that special someone forever or at least for a long time. Then you could remember and enjoy the moment for years to come . Preserved roses also known as eternal roses are here to fulfill that.

They are picked in their absolute fullest and most beautiful top bloom. The stems are then immersed in the preservation formula for several days until the solution has replaced all the water in the rose. Preserved roses as the name suggests are real roses that, with the help of a scientific process, maintain their shape, freshness and soft petals.

After the treatment, the roses will feel and even look the same as when they were harvested for many years to come. Fantastic huh?

Our farm by the volcano Cayambe

Our roses are grown in Ecuador at the foot of the volcano Cayambe, a few kilometers from the capital Quito. Cayambe. Cayambe is one of the best places in the world to grow top quality fresh roses due to its high altitude (2850m) and direct exposure to the sun on the equator. This farm historically produces fresh roses of superior quality. We attach great importance to each rose that comes with your Tusen rosor ® arrangement being as aesthetically pleasing as possible.

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Care advice

Care advice

To ensure the durability of preserved roses, it is important to observe the correct care and use of these products: avoid exposure to direct sunlight, moisture and water. Tusen rosor preserved roses are extremely resistant and last a long time.

Minimal maintenance

With proper care, you can enjoy your natural preserved roses for months or even years. Tusen rosor ® eternal roses do not require pruning or watering. The only care the product requires is to remove dust from time to time, preferably with an air spray, air blower/dryer or alternatively dusting with a soft cloth.

Avoid prolonged exposure to direct sunlight

For indoor use only

No watering or placing the product in water

Choose a long-lasting gift

"Fake roses are boring, and regular roses die quickly. Your solution? Tusen rosor® Eternal Roses"