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Lasts 8 months, without water
99% reduction of C02
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Marvel at an eternally beautiful bouquet that combines elegance and durability. Our masterpiece of dried and durable flowers retains its freshness for up to eight months, thanks to a careful immersion in biodegradable nectar.

In this harmony of white and green tones you will find bridal veil, lonas, eucalyptus cinerea, cardi stella and lagurus - each flower carefully selected to create a bouquet that is as timeless as it is durable.

This bouquet is more than just flowers; it is a tribute to nature and a gesture of concern for our planet. Each flower, immersed in biodegradable nectar, becomes a symbol of responsible beauty and respect for our environment.

Order now and let this bouquet become an eternal manifestation of your love and consideration. Give away a piece of nature's wonder and create memories with this unique combination of dried and sustainable flowers. A gift that is not only beautiful but also aware that our planet deserves the best.

Single - Height 50-55 cm.

Luxurious - Height 55-60 cm (This bouquet is at least 75% larger than bouquet Simple.

Large - Height 60-65 cm (This bouquet is at least 150% larger than bouquet Simple.

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How can the flowers survive so long?

Up to 8 months of beauty with our magical nectar!

Dive into a world of floral splendor where our bouquets are not just simple arrangements – they are a symphony of fresh & dried flowers, drenched in our exclusive, biodegradable nectar.

Here are some benefits of sustainable/dried flowers:

    • Long shelf life: durable bouquets can last up to 8 months.
    • Easy to care for: sustainable bouquets do not require special care routines.
    • Hypoallergenic: Sustainable bouquets are hypoallergenic.
    • For all occasions: durable bouquets are a perfect option for any occasion, whether it's a birthday, a wedding or another celebration.

Extraordinary and maintenance free.

This magical nectar takes its time to evaporate, and the result is fresh flowers that not only retain their freshness, but remain a blooming work of art for a full 8 months maintenance free.

Our bouquets are not just a purchase, they are an investment in an ever-blooming mood. Make your choice with care and embrace the extraordinary beauty that lasts. Choose our exclusive collection today and let the wonders of nature brighten your life, day after day!

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"Fake roses are boring, and regular roses die quickly. Your solution? Tusen rosor® Eternal Roses"